Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip - Part I

I decided to continue the photo challenge on our family vacation road trip.  This year we had to make two stops on our road trip.  One was to Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, for the two big-kid, roller-coaster enthusiasts.  Then, we traveled on to Langhorne, Pennsylvania to Sesame Place, for our sweet, lil' Sesame Street-loving, three-year-old.  It was a long trip, considering we decided to drive, instead of fly, but the kids were really great in the car, and I was able to keep up with the photo challenge along the way.

Day #17 was a bridge....

The top left pic is in Pennsylvania, over the Allegheny River.  The bottom left is the road that goes over Lake Erie and leads to the Cedar Point peninsula.  The two on the right are tunnels that go through some mountains in PA.

Day #18 - Abstract

This is the first ride the kids went on at Cedar Point. It's called the WindSeeker.  Our first day at the park was...interesting. It was about 104* outside and it was NOT crowded at all. After a day full of spinning, zipping rides with no waits, Matt got off a ride and told me that he didn't feel well. His face was white as a ghost and he began vomitting (which didn't get better with fluids). The park staff tried giving him free Gatorade and cold rags, but he was suffering from a combo of heat stroke and dizziness. They ended up calling an ambulance for him, and after lying in the AC for awhile, he felt much better.  Poor kid! His life revolves around rides and he had to cut the first day short. 

We made the best of it, considering our hotel was right on the beach of Lake Erie.  We swam in the pool, in the lake, and cooled off the best we could.  Our second day was much better. Cooler and still not crowded! We limited the spinning rides on the second day, took lots of swimming and snack breaks and made sure nobody overheated!

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  1. What a tough start - this weather has been insane!!



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