Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip - Part Deux

Day #19 - From a Distance
This was one of the many roller coasters the kids went on at Cedar Point.

Unfortunately, our streak of bad luck continued to follow us. Zoey split her toe open at the hotel, while opening a door. It was a nasty cut, but she was such a trooper and continued the day unfazed!

The rest of our stay at Cedar Point wasn't too bad....

After two full days of Cedar Point, Lake Erie, the beach and pool we continued on to Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Day #20 - Soft
There were no shortage of soft friends at Sesame Place...

Abby Cadabby was one of the many characters we bumped into at breakfast, lunch and around the park.  Although, I think this pic above was the softest, here are a few of my other faves...

You can't really tell from the pictures, but our first day at Sesame Place was cold and wet. After being in 100* temps for weeks, we arrived in PA, where storms rolled through.  The rain brought the temps down into the 60's, so we didn't get to enjoy the water rides. ;( Luckily, we planned for a second day at the park and the weather cooperated for the next day.

Day #21 - Music

Lily was chosen to be one of Mr. Noodle's backup dancers at the Elmo Live Show! wasn't the real Mr. Noodle, he passed away a few years ago. This was Mr. Noodle's nephew, Mr. Noodle. LOL

Day #22 - High Key

So....this one might be slightly out of order, but I thought this picture was a good representation of High Key. The roller coasters in the background, people bustling on the beach, loud waves....

Stay tuned for more....


  1. Aww - Burt and Ernie are my favs!! Glad you guys got to go back here!

  2. Great pics - looks like fun! Toe notwithstanding.



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