Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Lovin'....Havin' a blast...

It feels like it has been an eternity since I have blogged. I was on such a roll, preserving my children's lives in pictures and words.  I haven't had time to scrapbook, journal or blog in a very long time. I wish I could pin point the reason, but it just boils down to a busy life.

Matt and Lily finished up 4th and 2nd grade at Mary Drew school with outstanding report cards.  Sadly, the school is closing for good, due to the crappy economy.  We were so sad to see this award winning school shut down.  Luckily, the principal and many teachers will be heading over to the new school with Lily, so we won't feel so "new" there!  Matt will be going 5th and 6th grade at the local middle school, so he's going to be starting a new adventure too.  He plans to try out for basketball and cross country!  Zoey will be starting preschool at our local park district two days a week in the fall. She is so prepared and ready to make lots of new friends!!

Matt's 4th grade class at the Fourth Grade End of Year Party (which I planned and organized with my friend, Carrie)

This spring and summer have been jam packed with activities. I will try my best to sum them up for you....

During the kids Spring Break this year, we had a family staycation, downtown in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights...

Lily starred in another musical this spring. This year she was a lady bug and a donkey in the musical Pinnochio at Lincoln Way West High School!

Lily is on her knees on the left side.

We sadly and suddenly lost our pet, Cleo, which was devastating for all of us.  She was a sweet, loving cat that loved to be around the kids!!  Her sister, Alley (from the same litter of kittens), misses her dearly as well.

This past week, Jack and I went to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate Jack's 40th (Yikes!) birthday. Stay tuned for more pics of that fabulous trip...

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