Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cancun or Bust!

As a surprise for Jack's 40th birthday, I planned and excellently executed a vacation to celebrate! We stayed at our friend's Heather and Jeremy's time share in Cancun, Mexico, and had so many exciting excursions! Jack admitted that this was one birthday present that will be difficult to top!

 Jack expressed his THANKS in the sand, and it stayed there for 2 days before the staff smoothed it over.

There were no shortage of margaritas or tequila in Cancun. This was our first dinner at La Distilleria. The food was great during the whole stay! Lots of yummy Mexican dishes!!

Our first excursion was to the home of Claudia Garcia Ramos and her husband Lorenzo.  Claudia is a reknowned chef in Mexico who holds cooking classes in her home for 12 people at a time.  The four of us sat down with a couple from Pittsburgh and their two teenage children and some newlyweds from Texas.  We made a day's worth of Oaxacan food and it was soooooooo delicious. Here, Heather and I are smashing some habaneros and tomatoes with mortar and pestles to make different kinds of salsa.

Claudia went on to teach us some history of different fruits and veggies that are native to Mexico. She taught us to make three different salsas, mole, guacamole, tamales, all while keeping us fed on chili-sprinkled fruits, Horchata, churros, Mayan coffee and teas, flan, enchiladas, pork tacos etc..... The food was amazing.

 One ingredient that we were not expecting to have to eat were....crickets! It is common for Mexicans to put insects in the guacamole for protein. It tasted pretty salty and the legs were extra crunchy! LOL

Later that night we went on a Pirate dinner cruise! There were two ships battling for the prize booty. One was led by Captain Hook (our ship) and the other by Captain Jack Sparrow (called Yak, by the crew! LOL)  It was a fun-filled night of dancing, humor and all-you-can-drink pina coladas!

We celebrated Jack's birthday with some special Mayan coffee...a fun, blazing version of a popular treat in Mexico! They also brought out a birthday cake and sang to him too! The food at La Habichuela was the best meal of the trip! Super yummy!

Stay tuned for scenes from Jack's very favorite excursion....ziplining through the jungles of Mexico...

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  1. Awesome bday for Jack! Looks like a sweet adventure to remember!



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