Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Dells

So, as you can see...I fell off the July photo challenge bandwagon. LOL  Time just slipped away from me.  Too many summer vacations, I guess.  Actually, this has been our family's most traveled summer. We usually only do one big family vacation per summer, but this year, with Jack's surprise 40th b-day trip and a trip to the Dells with my parents, we were able to do a lot more traveling, for a low, low (nearly free) cost, and who can pass that up?

So, the kids got to spend their first vaction with Grandma and Grandpa and it was really fun. Check out some of the highlights below...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Challenge Goes On...

Day #23 Favorite Food

God provides for us, so that we never go hungry and we have enough to share.

Day #24 High Angle

There is Zoey, way down there, at the bottom, waving to you!

Road Trip - Part Deux

Day #19 - From a Distance
This was one of the many roller coasters the kids went on at Cedar Point.

Unfortunately, our streak of bad luck continued to follow us. Zoey split her toe open at the hotel, while opening a door. It was a nasty cut, but she was such a trooper and continued the day unfazed!

The rest of our stay at Cedar Point wasn't too bad....

After two full days of Cedar Point, Lake Erie, the beach and pool we continued on to Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Day #20 - Soft
There were no shortage of soft friends at Sesame Place...

Abby Cadabby was one of the many characters we bumped into at breakfast, lunch and around the park.  Although, I think this pic above was the softest, here are a few of my other faves...

You can't really tell from the pictures, but our first day at Sesame Place was cold and wet. After being in 100* temps for weeks, we arrived in PA, where storms rolled through.  The rain brought the temps down into the 60's, so we didn't get to enjoy the water rides. ;( Luckily, we planned for a second day at the park and the weather cooperated for the next day.

Day #21 - Music

Lily was chosen to be one of Mr. Noodle's backup dancers at the Elmo Live Show! wasn't the real Mr. Noodle, he passed away a few years ago. This was Mr. Noodle's nephew, Mr. Noodle. LOL

Day #22 - High Key

So....this one might be slightly out of order, but I thought this picture was a good representation of High Key. The roller coasters in the background, people bustling on the beach, loud waves....

Stay tuned for more....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip - Part I

I decided to continue the photo challenge on our family vacation road trip.  This year we had to make two stops on our road trip.  One was to Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, for the two big-kid, roller-coaster enthusiasts.  Then, we traveled on to Langhorne, Pennsylvania to Sesame Place, for our sweet, lil' Sesame Street-loving, three-year-old.  It was a long trip, considering we decided to drive, instead of fly, but the kids were really great in the car, and I was able to keep up with the photo challenge along the way.

Day #17 was a bridge....

The top left pic is in Pennsylvania, over the Allegheny River.  The bottom left is the road that goes over Lake Erie and leads to the Cedar Point peninsula.  The two on the right are tunnels that go through some mountains in PA.

Day #18 - Abstract

This is the first ride the kids went on at Cedar Point. It's called the WindSeeker.  Our first day at the park was...interesting. It was about 104* outside and it was NOT crowded at all. After a day full of spinning, zipping rides with no waits, Matt got off a ride and told me that he didn't feel well. His face was white as a ghost and he began vomitting (which didn't get better with fluids). The park staff tried giving him free Gatorade and cold rags, but he was suffering from a combo of heat stroke and dizziness. They ended up calling an ambulance for him, and after lying in the AC for awhile, he felt much better.  Poor kid! His life revolves around rides and he had to cut the first day short. 

We made the best of it, considering our hotel was right on the beach of Lake Erie.  We swam in the pool, in the lake, and cooled off the best we could.  Our second day was much better. Cooler and still not crowded! We limited the spinning rides on the second day, took lots of swimming and snack breaks and made sure nobody overheated!

Continuing the Challenge

Day #14 of the photo challenge - Typography.

This plaque was given to me by my bff. She knows my biggest challenge in life is dealing with my child who has special needs and it is what brings me down most.

Day #15 - Fear

Although this is only a rubber toy, it represents my real fear of snakes! Bleeech!

Day #16 - Flowers

All of these flowers were taken from the pots on my backyard deck!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Catching You UP....

So, for those of you who do not follow me on Facebook...(the 2 of you) are my photos for the July Photo Challenge, up through today....

In the previous post, you saw days 1 &

Day 3 - a photo taken from a low angle... (Yes, I am the cool mom who lets my kids rollerblade in the house. LOL)

Day 4 - Fruit (from my garden...Yummy!)

Day 5 - Wide Angle (I don't have a wide angle lens, so this was my interpretation).

 Day 6 - Low Key
This was Lily's last day of camp at the farm. She spent all week working there from 9am-4pm and she LOVED it! She rode the horses (with saddles and bareback). She did barn chores and learned to take care of all of the farm animals. On the last day, she got to give her family a tour of the farm and introduced us to all of the animals. This was Ravioli the bunny.

Day 7 - What shoes I wore
It was 104* out today and we spent the entire day in the pool. My sister and brother-in-law came in from Wisconsin to visit and swim.  They brought my brother-in-laws cousins. I didn't wear any shoes the whole day.

Day 8 - Close Up
This is my nephew, Nathan.  We went to visit him and babysat him for a while so my sister & brother in law could go out for a break and take a nap.  He is the sweetest little baby ever!! It was so fun to get my baby fix and then give him back at the end. ;)

Day 9 - What I wore today
Not exactly the most exciting clothes. LOL I guess I should mention that this pic was taken into a dirty mirror with a broken camera that had a dirty lens. LOL

 Day 10 - Technology
See my broken phone? Dropped it on the bathroom tile. It has been a lemon since the day I bought it. Looking forward to getting my new iphone. I've heard such great things about them! Oh, friend, Becky, was kicking my butt on this particular game of Words with Friends.

Day 11 - Veggies (Well, there are veggies inside of this zucchini bread)

Day 12 - Color
Spent the day at the the bright colors!

Day 13 - 13 things (and one monster) Hehehe

Hope you are also playing along....Be back soon with more photos for the challenge...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

40 Years???

It's hard to believe that this little cutie morphed into the cutie below...

But nearly 40 years later...he can still rock the plaid!!

Happy, happy 40th birthday to the greatest guy I know!!! Love you lots, Shmoop!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Photo Challenge - Day 2

Day two...

Photograph something orange...

This will be served with dinner tonight. :)

July Photo Challenge - Day 1

I have been so bad about taking pictures in the past few months. I should be ashamed of myself. I have not had time to scrapbook, blog or document any of the going-ons in our family as of late.  That's why I am so excited to participate in the July Photo challenge. It will get me back into the swing of things...taking daily pics and blogging about them, with the hopes that I will scrap them too!

So, July 1st challenge was to take a self portrait...

So, let me tell you the story behind this pic.  We decided on the spur of the moment (which Jack loves to do, and I hate to do, because I am a planner) to go Blueberry Picking. We went to Stateline Blueberries, which is the same place we have gone every year for about the past 20 years (since we were dating).  I must say that this year was the absolute BEST crop I have ever seen there. I think the hot spring and really hot summer weather helped to make the perfect crop of blueberries. In the past, it's been hot, but not for as many consecutive days as we've had this year.  They were truly the largest, sweetest, most plentiful blueberries I can remember.  It makes it easier to pick a lot too! We picked about 18 pounds (which will last us about one year).

After we finished, we promised the kids that we would go to the beach. So, we drove to Union Pier which is the beach that Jack's family used to frequent.  I remember going with him and his family when we were first dating. It's a bit nice than the Dunes because it is a lot less crowded.  As we approached the beach, the weather got really strange. It became very windy and the skies got really dark.  We noticed that many more people were leaving the beach than arriving.  People were running to their cars in droves, yet, the kids really, really wanted to see the beach.

So, we parked and walked to the beach, just to take a look for a few minutes.
 The winds were ridiculous.  It was blowing the sand everywhere and it actually hurt to get hit by the blowing sand.

The kids wanted to splash in the waters, even though the winds were so rough.

So, the beach cleared out and we were some of the few people on the beach. The crazy weather lasted for about 10 minutes and the weather COMPLETELY changed again.  The sun came out, the winds died down and it was back to a perfect beach day again!!!

We ended up staying for the whole day and it was absolutely perfect! The kids had so much fun!

Friday, June 29, 2012

July Photo Challenge

Get your camera ready! I need you to help me take more pictures...starting next month.  Below is a schedule for the month of July. Each day during the month take a picture inspired by the key word next to that date.  Post them to flickr, facebook, your blog...wherever. Just take some pics!

Grab your camera and get ready for July 1st...and take a pic of you!!!


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