Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Merry Adventures of Peppermint

December has been such a busy time for us. Our month has been filled with friends, family, field trips, outings and so much fun. Which of course, means, that I have been a terrible blogger!  So, I thought I'd catch you up on the adventures of our little elf, Peppermint.  Here is a recap of the month's adventures...
(Some are repeats, but I thought I'd just show all the pics in one post)...

Day One - we received Peppermint in the mail, and placed him on the fireplace.

Day Two - found him in the train, taking a joy ride back from the North Pole.

Day Three - caught with his whole body in the candy bowl.

Day Four - made a mess of the crayons and markers, but drew a really cute pic for the kids!

Day Five - Hanging from the chandelier.

Day Six - Stuck, way up high, on the Christmas tree.

Day Seven - Flirting with the girls, while playing a game upstairs. (Lily insisted he was kissing some girls! Heehee)

Day Eight - We found this note on the wall and found him hiding in the plant...

Day Nine - He was playing with marshmallows and created a cute marshmallow snowman, but somebody ate it before I could take a pic!

Day Ten - Cruising in a bug, under the Christmas tree.

Day Eleven - He decided to TP the bathroom and got his tushy stuck in a candle. Hope he didn't burn his bum!

Day Twelve - He was caught in a Pointsettia, listening to Matt's Mp3 player. I think I heard some Green Day coming out of it. LOL

Day Thirteen - Hanging in the shower with a towel around him. Hmmm...He must have been feeling dirty.

On Day Fourteen the elf didn't move. That means that either he didn't have anything good to report to Santa or he forgot. Hmmm....Either way, the kids were really disappointed!

Day Fifteen - He reminded the kids that they were going to the dentist on that day! Thanks, Peppermint!

Day Sixteen - How embarrassing! Glad he didn't hang any of my underwear up there!

Day Seventeen - Snowball fight. I think the bunny lost! ;)

Day Eighteen - Reading a book to the cats and guinea pigs! How sweet!

Day Nineteen - Hmmm. Someboday was hungry!

Day Twenty - Santa asked him to check out the fireplace! ;)

Day Twenty One - Little Peppermint was trying to get buff. He likes the barbell Lily made for him!

Day Twenty Two - Either he is channeling Leo in Titantic and pretending to be "King of the World," or maybe he wants to be like Buzz Lightyear and go to "Infinity and Beyond!"

Day Twenty Three - Somebody wanted to play in the snow!

Day Twenty Four - Guess Peppermint was thirsty. He left a note saying that Santa gave the kids permission to give Peppermint and hug and kiss good-bye since it is his last night with us! We will certainly miss his silly antics!

I wish all of my blog readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to yours! God Bless you in 2012 and always! :) xoxo - Michelle

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