Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

Since the month of October was pretty much spent on wedding festivities and Girl Scout activities, we had to cram all of our Halloween family fun into the weekend before Halloween.

We aren't complaining, because we still made the very best of it. It was just not as savored as usual.  We began with a party at the local library. It was dark, so I wasn't able to get any good pics, but Matt won an award for scariest costume and Zoey won for cutest costume. Lily played lots of games at the party and came home with a bunch of prizes!

Then we began the art of making the dreaded gingerbread house. ARgh! They are not my friend. I don't have the patience to hold pieces of gingerbread together while the frosting dries and the pieces slip this way and that, eventually toppling over.  But this year, my sous chef, Jack, took over and did a fantastic job!!

I usually buy a pumpkin for each family member, but because we were carving them so late, I only bought two.  One of Matt's buddies came over to help us carve our pumpkins...

This year we just couldn't squeeze in a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch.  Instead, we took a trip over to Odyssey Halloween Fun Farm and the kids had a blast. It was really cold, but they had so much fun burying themselves in corn kernels, riding the cow train, watching pig races and making their way through the scariest inflatable I've ever seen: The Beast.  Matt and Lil said it was like a haunted house inside. Ew!

The kids each had a really fun party at school. Zoey's Prepper class decorated milk cartons and made them look like haunted houses that they filled with candy.  Jack went to the 3rd and 4th grade party and got to run the bushel basketball game for Matt's class and the other 3rd and 4th graders.  I helped out with the 1st and 2nd grade party, running the treasure chest ring-toss game.

Afterschool, the kids headed out for some tricks or treats...

 My cute little witch.  Zoey was so sweet when I took her out trick-or-treating.  She would usually yell "Trick or Treat" before people even opened the door. LOL  And, when they would put candy in her pumpkin, she would say, "Thank you. Have a nice day!" It was adorable!!!

Maddy, Zoey, Matt and Lily made out like bandits with candy!!

At a couple houses, Matt had to take off his mask because there was a little one-year-old baby trick-or-treating behind us and she was frightened of his face! LOL

The three little witches did a lot more trick-or-treating than Matt the Zombie.  Every year he will go down 2-3 blocks and then calls it a night. The girls came in to warm up with some hot cocoa and went back out about 3 more times!!

When all was said and done and the kids counted and sorted their loot, we hunkered down for some good ol' fashioned family fun. It was Family Halloween Poker, of course!! LOL

Lily seemed to have the best luck. I think she had three-of-a-kind about three of four times. Unbelievably good luck! So basically, she won all of her candy back! Hehe Matt did pretty well too. He had a straight and lots of pairs!  It was a nice way to end a busy weekend!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a happy Halloween! How did you spend the spooky day?


  1. I like the idea to play Halloween poker with the candy!!

  2. Kudos to the Sous chef! Awesome Haunted ginger house!

    Zuzu makes the cutest little witch I've ever seen! I am so glad the weather held up for the trick and treats!!



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