Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Fall

We had some beautiful weather this past weekend, so we decided to take advantage and get some exercise at the same time.  We took the kids for a walk down the Old Plank Historic Trail. It's an old historic, 21-mile path through some gorgeous wooded areas, with a few parks snuck in here-and-there.  Fall is our favorite time to walk on the trail too. The colors are amazing!  I included a collage of the brightly colored pics above and some of my favorite close-ups in b&w below.

And here are a couple new layouts (using the same design and papers, but flipped). Thanks for looking!


  1. i love you pages, the flipping the same design and using the same pp's ... its so much fun todo that. and the fall pictures look like they will be fun to scrap ... r u going to leave them all colaged?

  2. Love these pictures, they make me happy!! You guys are such a cute family and I can't wait to see these scrapped!!

    I know I have to get in your gallery to get a closer peek at what you have been creating and I will SOON! But I really love love that you flipped the designs!



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