Monday, September 12, 2011

Showers of Happiness

This weekend our lovely bride and groom were showered with love and gifts!! It was a beautiful event.  Jack worked his bootie off (night and day, day and night, sacrificing time with his wife for months!!!) to get the place ready in time!  As you can see from the pics, he did a beautiful job! Before the guests arrived, Jackie came down and said, "It looks like a banquet hall for a wedding." And that was what we were hoping for!!! :)

We played some fun games (thanks to the bridesmaids)! Kelly, the groom's sister, made the silly apron donned with kitchen tools for Jackie to wear.  The guests had to remember as many of the tools as they could to win a prize!  Kim (who attended the shower from Spain via Skype) made up some Bingo cards for the always-popular Wedding Shower Bingo!  The other Kelly set a timer and gave a prize to the person whose gift was being opened each time the timer went off!  Steff put together the overflowing rehearsal bridal bouquet (Who knew that the gift registry for BB&B used the wedding color scheme for gift wrapping - so the bouquet is going to match perfectly! LOL)  I kept track of who each gift was from and put together a recipe book filled with recipes from each guest!

The happy couple looked lovely as always and everyone had a wonderful time!  The clock is ticking down and we are left with just over a month until the big day! We cannot wait!!

We love you, K & J!!!


  1. Wow! You must be exhausted! Looks great in the basement - all that room! Love the color on the walls! Bet all those deep purple BB&B ribbons made a great bouquet. The shower I was at had it's fair share; too bad C&B doesn't do beautiful gift wrap!! Wishes to J and her man in the last few stressful weeks before the big day!!

  2. WOW! Tell Jack the basement looks awesome! It is huge, do the kids just love that big space?! When do you get your scrappy space all set up so I can come over;)

    The shower looked amazing, your sister is so lucky to have a sis like you!!!!



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