Thursday, September 1, 2011

How NOT to lose your guinea pig...

A few days ago marked the one year anniversary of the day we brought home our two adorable, smelly, hairy guinea pigs.  During this past year I think I touched them twice. (Yep, I'm allergic....Well, actually, I don't know if I'm allergic to their hair or their bedding, but either way...they are rodents and I'm grossed out and they make me sneeze!)

So, Lily decided to make that day the guinea pigs' birthday.  She and her bff planned some party games and brought out some treats (lettuce, carrots, celery) for the pigs (as I like to call them).  They took the pigs for a ride in Zoey's stroller (which I was thrilled about after seeing all the hair stuck to the seat). They let them run around in a tent outside.  They brought them into Lil's room and played with them on the bunkbeds.  It was a great birthday for them.

The next day was business as usual.  The kids went to school.  Nothing important happened at home, but I was really busy all day and never really had a chance to sit down the entire day.  When the kids came home from school, Lily had her after school snack and went over to say hi to the pigs.  She looked into the cage and let out a shriek!  "Mom!!! Astro is missing!!!" she yelled. 

"What do you mean? Where did she go?" I asked.

"She's not in the cage." Lily yelled back.

After walking over and determining that Lily was correct, Astro was not in the cage, I asked, "When was the last time you saw her?"

"Yesterday. On her birthday."

Oh, geez.  The pig had been missing for over 24 hours.  The last time she remembered seeing her was when she was in her bedroom or outside playing with her.  So, my GP Detective Task Force set out to find the missing pig.  Matt looked in his room. Zoey looked under her crib. Lily looked under her bed and in every corner of her room. I searched the garage.  We all came up empty-handed.  I kept asking Lily over and over, "Think. Think. Where did you see her last?"

After we searched everywhere and were about to give up, I sent the kids to Lil's bff's house to retrace their steps.  I figured with 3 kids looking outside, I can search every nook and cranny inside. No guinea pig.  I sat down on the couch and picked up the phone to call my husband to tell him to get his wallet ready because we were going to have to make a stop at the pet store tonight, when all of a sudden, the blanket on the couch next to me, started moving.  I unrolled the wadded-up blanket and there (covered in 24 hours worth of pee and poop) was Astro!

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! 

Note to self:  Guinea Pigs are stupid and don't walk very quickly. They aren't going to get too far. 


  1. Oh no! LOL Glad you found him and he was ok. As for the bedding, try the Carefresh stuff (made from recycled paper) - it's what we use for our bunnies. Helps cut down on my allergies (I'm allergic to wood chips too).

  2. LOL! at we've lost a hamster or two a few times ... they're sneaky little girlies i tell you. glad you found astro and all it well again :)

  3. Omg!! I'm so tired I can't figure out how I'm sitting up straight, so when I read this story and burst out laughing at how you wrote it all up, I scared myself silly not expecting the zap of energy that hit me!! I can't believe how goofy it must have been to find Astro where you did!! Glad it had a happy ending!



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