Monday, September 26, 2011

Apples of My Eye

On a whim this weekend, we decided to stop by the apple orchard and pick up some fresh apples.  Unfortunately, when we got there, the owner of the orchard told us that once again the pickings were slim (this happened to us last year too).  She said that most varieties are ready late September, early October, even into November, but this year, by Labor Day weekend, people had picked many of those trees bare! Argh!  There were a few varieties still on the trees, and we were able to pick a basket full of apples (including some HOney Crisps!!!) and one of pears.  We also picked some peppers that were yummy!

Lily demonstrated how difficult it is to bite into an apple when you are missing 7 front teeth! LOL

So, our plan for next year is to go around Labor Day weekend to get the best apples!


  1. I adore these pictures so much! Esp. the one of L eating the apple;)

    Z is looking so tall these days!

    I wish we had an orchard to go to:) Whatcha gonna do with those apples?

  2. Awww...that stinks for a second year in a row! We decided not to pick this year because of the broken hearts last year - so hopefully we will get to head to the festival in Long Grove for already prepared treats instead!

    Poor Lil's little mouth! And I got to agree with Pam! Zoey sure is stretching!



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