Monday, August 22, 2011

What's missing?

The tooth fairy has been really busy around here lately...TWO missing teeth in ONE week! One on the top and one on the bottom! Now that's a great way to start a new school year! (Her speech teacher is going to LOVE this! Hahaha)

The weather has been perfect around here lately.  It's not as scorching hot as it was earlier in the summer, so we've really enjoyed cranking the pool heater and jumping in at dusk!  I captured a few cutie patootie pics last week...

 Yes, this one above is TOTALLY rare!! They are usually punching, kicking and biting each other, so I almost fell off my chair when I saw this appear in my camera's viewfinder. LOL

Poor Jack! He's always got some sort of monkey hanging on his back in the pool! :) They love hanging on their daddy!

I hope we have a few more nice days like this one so the kids can relax after those long, hot school days!


  1. I think L looks younger with her missing teeth! Great pictures, how long into the year do you guys use your pool for?

    Yeah, whenever S goes swimming with us, the kids are ALL over him:) Kinda nice though for me:)

  2. Michael's doesn't have an online store! They are just about the only retailer in the world without the ability to order online!!!

  3. love the blue pool pictures. they look so cool and refreshing :)

  4. YAY for WINDOWS!! (and tooth fairies!)

    I agree that the temperatures have been wonderful lately! We are surely blessed with a great AUGUST! Now, please pray September looks exactly the SAME!!



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