Thursday, August 18, 2011

The First Day of School

Wow! Is summer over already? That was fast!

The kids and I made it a great summer! We filled it with trips and outings and projects and living room forts and family vacations!! It was stressful and full, but we really did enjoy it!

The gang gathered at the bus stop this morning (minus a few who hitched a ride from mom and dad because their backpacks were bursting with school supplies)!

Look how much Matt has grown this summer and how he now TOWERS over the other kids! Geesh! That boy is going to be a tall one!  Jack almost had a heart-attack when I told him how much I paid for a pair of shoes for Matt the other day!! You could buy a small car for that price! Luckily, the girls' shoes weren't nearly that much!
Lily was so excited to be going into 2nd grade. She was a little nervous about meeting a new teacher, but hopeful that she'd have some familiar faces in her class. With only 4 classes of each grade, she's bound to have a few friends in class.
Matt, on the other hand, was dreading going back to school. He'd rather sit on his rear and play video games all day! But, just a few days, he's going to be so glad to be back with friends again! I just know it! He's also pumped that he will be with his first male teacher! I think it'll be good for him!
My sweet girl pondering life's greatest mysteries. LOL
Matt's cheesiest grin...
And my sweet pea...Zoey, did not want to be photographed today! That's okay! We have the rest of the school year to be together all day and take all the pics we want! :)


  1. Ah, such is life. Another new season begins in the place of an old one that left us such good times. Might as well save up some mOre $$ they shoes and supplies get worse as they get older (calculator and flash drives, oh my!

  2. Those are really beautiful picures of the kids - they really look striking.

  3. Those are great pictures of the kiddos! Matt is looking so old! So your kid's school must be kinda small? At A's, this is the biggest kindergarten class with 4 classes. The other school here has 10 kindergarten classes, WHOA!



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