Monday, August 8, 2011

Could life get any busier?

Sorry I've been MIA on the blog-front lately. Life has just gotten away from me.  The countdown to Back to School has begun (actually, I began counting down on the last day of school in June...LOL), but the kids are going back in about 10 days.  Soooo...I've been trying to squeeze in as many fun (and cheap) activities as I can before they have to go back!  I haven't been doing too well on the cheap end, but I have been providing them with lots of fun!

Last week we met up with some friends who live on the north shore.  We headed out for a picnic and some fun at Jarvis Beach.  The kids had a blast. Zoey did not want to come out of the lake! Matt and Jay made a hot tub in the sand.  Lily and Jaena made a hole and some sand castles.  Zoey collected rocks. It was such a lovely day for the beach. I hope we can squeeze in another one.

Then we took a trip down to the Art Institute on free day! We met up with our good friend, Heather and explored the museum.  The kids came up with a scavenger hunt before we left.  We printed it out and used it to explore! That was a lot of fun! I put the camera in Lily's hands and here are some of her favorite snaps from the day. (She went back and deleted some of the pics because she thought the sculptures were too scary! LOL)  I didn't get to see all of my favorites on that day, so I will have to go back again!

I supervised the children catching up on their chores! They enjoyed this a lot!! Shhhh! Don't tell the village that we were using outside water during the day.

 We took our annual trip to Six Flags. I really despise this place. I can't go on the rides like I used to...I get motion sickness now. Old age is not my friend.  The kids had a good time despite the 100 degree temps.  I did not take very many photos. It was too hot!

The other night, we headed over to our local Water Park with a few of the kids' friends for Family Night. It was empty and the perfect time to go.  The kids had so much fun on the water slides, the lazy river and splashing in the pools! What a great relaxing time!  The kids had some ice cream and exhausted themselves! They slept so well that night!

Finally, Jack needed some time to work on his latest project, so I volunteered to take the kids to Navy Pier by myself.  We went to the Chicago Children's Museum first. It was free for children.  They like this museum. I think DuPage is their second favorite children's museum and KidsWork is third.  Actually, the children's museum in Miami, Florida is really, really nice. One of the best ones I've been to.

Then we ate lunch, rode some of the rides and headed over to the lake for a cruise. They enjoyed this a lot.  It was such a hot day and the ride helped cool us down.  It was pretty educational too. There was a recorded documentary about what we were seeing along the shore.  I've been on the cruise before, but the kids had not.
 Zoey was getting a little fussy, because it was nap time, so I had to pull out the big guns to entertain her. LOL

It has been such a full summer and I honestly have enjoyed spending it with my children.   I know that there are mothers out there who wish they could stay at home with their children, but they cannot make that sacrifice.  I am blessed to have this opportunity.  It isn't always easy and it isn't always fun (especially having a child with some pretty severe special needs), but we have learned to make the best of it! I am grateful for the blessings in my life!

I will be back tomorrow with some more pics! (Like you haven't seen enough in this post...LOL) on any of the collages to enlarge them.


  1. This is a true summer well spent! Can't wait till the kids get back to school and you make a super mini!!

  2. You are a busy lady!!! You are packing so much into summer, I'll bet you will be excited when school starts and you can relax, ha!

    The collages are so fun...your children's museum pics make me miss Chicago, A had so much fun when we went to the museum. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago!



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