Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chicago's Beautiful Skyline

Even if you are not from Chicago, I bet you think the Chicago skyline is one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. I was born in Chicago, spent some years living in the city, at various points in my life, and I consider it home (even though I currently live in the burbs). And I think this city is THE most beautiful city in the world.

This past weekend, my kids and I took a boat cruise along the city's shoreline on Lake Michigan. I took lots of fun pics and I've been playing with different exposures and settings to get some fun shots. I'd love to blow some of these up as artwork in my home. Which are your faves and would you like to see them in color? Any feedback is appreciated.

I added a glow feature to this pic above. I love how it turned out. Should I try this app on another pic?

This last one screamed sepia to me! Should I turn others into sepia too?


  1. I think my heart will ALWAYS live along the streets of this grand city. It is, indeed, gorgeous.

    When it comes to actions on pics it is ALWAYS fun to play. Lately, I love to see the sharpness in photographs (even though my zoo pics had so little of this!) and always go to the actions that will give a photo that "EDGE" - SO I like the pic second from the bottom the best!

  2. Gorgeous - much better than NYC, I think. :) I've been to Chicago twice - once in the winter for my 21st birthday and once in the summer for Lollapalooza. Loved it both times. My husband was actually in Chicago for Lolla last weekend, but I didn't have vacation time so I couldn't go with him. :(

  3. Blue lake! Must show blue lake! B&W everwhere else w/ blue lake. Give the kids a blue crayon. Pictures are beautiful. I love the lighthouse.

  4. i love the clouds and would want to play with those and probably the blues. the water line is throwing be off, even though i get that chicago is next to a really big lake, i don't think of the place like that ... every stinking cityscape picture of san diego has water in it, go figure. when i see these sort of pictures i allways like the building to be dominate and feel hudge. number one and four are my favorites. the lighthouse one seems washed out to me and not in a cool purposeful way. and again seriously didn't know lakes had lighthouses although it makes sence.

    you and candi are making me into a intown tourist. ;)



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