Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chicago Air and Water Show

One of Chicago's most popular summer events is the Air and Water Show. Over 2 million peeps make the trek down to the beaches to watch the show each year. It's usually a two day show, but this year it was a one day show because of some pretty bad storms on the first day.

Our very good friends have an awesome sail boat and invited us to watch the show out on the lake. It was a perfectly clear day with gorgeous, blue skies and we were able to see the air show quite vividly.

The waters were really choppy and rough because there were so many boats on the lake, and many of them were power boats. We braved the rough waters and had a blast!


  1. That's so awesome...love the view of the skyline!!! Was this sans kids?

  2. Thanks for send us extra waves on the beach! We rode 'em all like superstars. Great pics!

  3. I have yet to attend a single air and water show, but I'm absolutely positive that the view from H and J's boat was the best way to see it all!! Sweet!



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