Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whatta Weekend!?!?

My busy weekend began with a fabulous dinner that made me feel really, really old. Two of my former students (actually, they were in the very first class I ever taught -- 4th grade at Maria Saucedo) are now teachers! They are both mothers to little girls and I am so very proud of them! We met up for dinner and drinks and talked about old times! It was so nice!

On Saturday Jack turned the big "3-9." Yep, one more year until that unGodly birthday that he and I are both dreading. LOL  In the meantime, we celebrated well with homemade Sangria, a barbecue and lots of wonderful company to share in the good times! Some people swam, we all ate and had lots of laughs and drinks!! He said it was a wonderful birthday!

On the Fourth of July we started the day in good old fashioned American style by going blueberry picking in Indiana.

It was really, really hot so we didn't stay long. We usually pick about $40 worth of blueberries and this year I think we spent $6. LOL...Jack and I made a pact that we WILL go back again before the end of the season! We love blueberries and like to freeze them so we can enjoy them year round.

Finally, we spent the afternoon/evening of the fourth at a family barbecue. We spent some time at the park district's fabulous party and enjoyed the fireworks under the stars! (It's an annual tradition!)

What a great way to celebrate our country's independence and freedom! Happy July!!!


  1. It WAS a wonderful weekend, wasn't it? The weather made it awesome!! Looks like these pics are going to keep us BUSY!

    I can't believe how old Matt is getting - maybe that long, handsome hair is aging him!! ;)

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Candi-Matt looks so much older all of a sudden!

    Happy belated birthday to Jack:) It looks like you guys had a great 4th!



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