Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mall of America

The kids (well, mostly Matt) had been bugging us for awhile to visit the Mall of America. Actually, they just wanted to go to Nickelodeon Universe (the theme park located inside the center of the mall). So we packed up the kids, and drove 6 hours to Bloomington, Minnesota.

The mall was smaller than I thought it was going to be. For some reason, I thought it would be spread out more, rather than stacked into 4 floors. The 3rd level was made up of lots of restaurants and a giant food court. We ate at a little Kokomo Cafe with some good spicy sweet potato fries.

The kids enjoyed going on the crazy roller coasters and thrill rides. Zoey loved meeting the Wonder Pets, Blues Clues, Sponge Bob and Patrick.

I liked shopping while Zoey slept. They had a nice Archivers, Old Navy and Aeropostale where I made some purchases.

We stayed at the Water Park of America.  It claims to be the largest indoor water park, but I am sure that I have been to larger indoor water parks before, so I wasn't so impressed.  The kids didn't care! They had a lot of fun! The family water slide was the biggest hit. All 5 of us went down the giant water slide on an tube. I was nervous because it felt like our tube was going to tip over, didn't! Haha

On our last day, we visited the Sea Life Aquarium, located in the basement of the Mall of America.  It was a really neat place. 

 The jellyfish exhibit was amazing!

Lily liked the sea horses...

  I did not get any good shark pictures...mostly because I was scared to death walking through the glass tunnel. I didn't like the feeling of sharks swimming inches above me. It was so wild!

Overall it was a good trip. Don't think we'll be back, because there wasn't a whole lot to do there, but we can say we went! Perhaps it would have been better for a mid-winter trip rather than a mid-summer trip.


  1. yes. definitely a winter fun trip to beat the blahs - unless you go in the spring like we did and have to drive back in a foot of snow through Wisconsin!!

    We loved the aquarium and jellies, too!

    I liked that we could break from shopping, ride some rides, get a snack and loop around here and there.

    I did hear there are renovations coming soon with plenty of add ons!!

  2. Looks like a nice vacation. :)

  3. Archiver's?? JEALOUS. We don't have those in NJ.

    I really want to go to the Mall of America some day.

  4. fun vaca ... although i think you should have done the shark tube thing, i love that part of sea world down here :) and jellyfish are really cool to see in aquariums with the backlights and all ... not so much in real life :)

  5. Welcome home! Now get your nap on, because it sounds like you need some recovery time.

  6. ha ha, have to agree with Jakki on the jellyfish thing:)

    I had fun at the Mall of America when I went but my sister and I just shopped, shopped, shopped, and shopped:) At least you guys can say you saw it and the kids loved it, so that is a plus!



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