Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 2 of She Had Three Hearts

Here are some more of the art journal pages I did for my art class this week. The supply list is growing, as you can see, and I've been trying lots of new and different techniques. It's been really fun.

Thanks for looking!

Used lots of gesso, acrylic paints, Mod Podge, rub ons, stencils, Punchenella, markers, watercolor paints...

Also used magazine cut outs, stamps, inks, doodling and lots of hearts!

The background on the above page was a copy of a watercolor painting my son, Matt, did in his art class at school.

Experimenting with lots of textures too. Made some home made stencils and used some pan pastels too.

Used a menu from our cruise as the background here along with a doily and an ATC card.


  1. Was Modge Podge easy to work with? I have a mini album with lots of tiny strips of paper journaling and I was wondering if I should use Modge Podge to keep those strips from curling up, but I also have a lot of 3D embellishments on the pages. Can you use Modge Podge over those?

  2. Love these Shel...I would think it would be so refreshing to learn all of these techniques and just make something freely:) I really really love what you have made!!



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