Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

Once again this year, we loaded the car with family and took the trek down to The Cell for Tinley Park night! The Sox played against the Mariners.

Ugh! My arm looks huge in the pic below, but it's the only pic that shows my nails, which I painted in alternating black and white for the game!

We sat two rows above the Sox Bullpen, so we got some pics of our pitchers. Unfortunately, the Sox played like crap and this guy didn't help us any...

There was one HUGE advantage to sitting right above the bullpen, however....both kids got official MLB GAME BALLS!!!!

They didn't win, but it was memorable anyway!
Goooooooooo Sox!!


  1. Now you have me craving a ball park hotdog!!!

    Love trips to the CELL - they are the best!!

    Sweet new design on the blog - such the enabler - I might have to search for a new LOOK!

  2. Great pics! We went today. I'm FRIED.

  3. What fun!!! That is so smart to leave Z!! I can't imagine K at a game, but definitely A...although it would be the food that was keeping her entertained;)

    That is so cool the kids got game balls, their faces look so happy in the pictures!!



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