Friday, June 10, 2011

She Had Three Hearts - Week 3

I just began week three of the art class and these are some leftovers from week 2 and some new art journal pages based on a few of the week 3 techniques I've learned. I'm really sad that the class is over. I'll definitely take more classes from Christy Tomlinson. I like her style and the freedom of watching the videos whenever I want, in any order I like.

The page above represents 2 parents + 3 kids = 5 peeps in my family

The one above is a two-pager in a mini journal I had.  It's about loving my age. Argh! (Not good at that!)
I love the dripping water colors and bird rub-ons on the page above.
Cool pics of button flowers that I found in a magazine are highlighted in the above page.
Gratitude above.
I love the mini-butterflies in this one.
A page about my love for cooking (and a giant glittery butterfly, just for the fun of it!)

This was a new technique from week 3 - string art. I made the flowers from orange and green string and Mod Podge.
I made the button heart after watching Christy's tutorial.  Below is a close up of the heart.

There will be more to come of techniques I learned in week three. Stay tuned!


  1. awesome!!! I love the string...what did you adhere that with? Also, what are you making the circles with-is it bubble wrap or a stamp?

    I am sad that your class is over to, I have enjoyed watching what you make:)

  2. I am amazed at all the cool techniques! I was imagining that there was a definite pull more on the writing aspect of life. I SO wanna see this in person - promise to share!

  3. oh your pages are so meaningful and full of texture! great job!



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