Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome Home - Day Ten

We got up around 7, ate some continental breakfast at the hotel and hit the road for home.

The first hour was peaceful. We played a trivia game called, “Beat the Parents.” The kids did great!

After an hour, Lily and Zoey started fighting over the pink Nintendo DS. Jack and I decided that Zoey will have to get her own DS for her next birthday. In fact, we probably should have gotten her one before the trip.

1:58pm 74* We just stopped for lunch at Steak N Shake outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Most people who eat at SNS are obese and I can see why. There were really very few healthy options on the menu. Lily was begging for money for the “claw” game. She is obsessed with those. We stood our ground and did not give her any money. Mostly because I’m done to $11 cash on me and I don’t want to go to a cash station until we get home, but also because she doesn’t need any more stuffed animals or junk!

Jack has been dealing with a head cold since the first day on the ship. Every time he sneezes in the car, I pray the rest of us don’t get it.

Matt is napping now. Lily is looking out the window. Zoey just finished reading her Disney Look & Find book and is now drawing on her Magna doodle.

My dad just called to invite us out to dinner on Friday for my mom’s 61st birthday at Texas Roadhouse.

Zoey’s new cranky word is “Nofing!” When she is crabby, tired and irritable, she will yell, “Nofing!” (aka Nothing!) at us. It’s actually a little funny.

It’s 4:50 pm and the temps have dropped to 63*. We are definitely close to home. The kids are restless and acting silly because they’re anxious to be home. I’m anxious too. We have about one hour left in the car. I’m hoping it goes by quickly. I’m thinking about all of the laundry and chores that need to get done as soon as I get home. Sigh

Five minutes from home and Matt just puked all over the backseat. I can’t believe he couldn’t hold it five more minutes. Guess I’ll be spending the rest of the day cleaning up the mess.

Welcome Home!

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