Thursday, May 12, 2011

Going Home ....Day Nine

We set the alarm for 6:30 am, so we could get to the Breakfast with the Characters as soon as it opened. We thought it was going to be packed, but it wasn’t. We got to have pics taken with Pluto and Minnie.

Then we got on the road around 9am. All of us were very cranky today. Nobody got a good night’s sleep and emotions were running high.

We stopped for gas in Florida and paid $4.60 per gallon. Outrageous! The worst part is that gas is cheaper in FL than it is at home! :(

Around noon we stopped at McDonald’s so the kids could stretch their legs. I’m so sick of eating horrible, disgusting, junk food. I’m craving healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve probably gained at least ten pounds on this 10-day vacation. I’m gonna start the 30-day shred again as soon as I get home.

Zoey is really fussy today - almost unbearable. Nothing is comforting her and she won’t stop whining in the car (about everything)!!

We’ve already pulled over twice to try to make her more comfortable by getting her food and drinks, changing her diaper, getting toys and books for her. We set up the computer so the kids can watch Garfield, but Zoey was not interested.

I just wrote down some conversations overheard in the car:

Lily: I forgot to ask for a turtle for my birthday. Can I have a turtle please?
Me: Your birthday is over. You already got all of your presents. You celebrated at the roller rink, at home and on the cruise.
Lily: Screaming, crying, kicking the back of my seat

Lily: Dad, when were you born?
Jack: July 3, 1972 - almost 39 years ago
Lily: When was mom born?
Me: Not that long ago

Zoey: Say “me,” Mom
Me: meeee
Zoey: Say “me,” Lily
Lily: meee

Total miles traveled so far: 1,500

2:59pm We stopped at a rest area in Vienna, Georgia. It’s 90 degrees out and there are these little gnats swarming us. They were everywhere. It was so annoying. Zoey had a diaper explosion. It got over everything. There was no changing station in the women’s bathroom, so we had to change her in the grass. We even had to change her clothes. She’s in a better mood now, but Lily is freaked out by the bugs and Matt is just being a disrespectful brat! Feels like everyone needs a nap!

We decided to eat dinner in Atlanta which ended up being a bit of a mistake. We tried to google restaurants in Atlanta, hoping we’d find a Paula Deen (nope, Savannah) or Bobby Flay restaurant. It came up with Hard Rock Cafe, so we decided to go there. We had to drive around looking for a parking garage (much like Chicago), parked and walked a couple blocks only to find out that it was prom night and it was packed. They quoted us an hour and a half wait, so we walked down the street to a little Greek family cafe. There was no wait, but the kids were so overtired and restless that Matt and Lily ended up in time out at the restaurant, and Zoey was throwing a fit. I’m so done with eating at restaurants. I just want to eat a home-cooked meal at home, but that will require me to shop and cook.

We finally arrived at the Holiday Inn Express around 9pm, so we all just crashed!

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