Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Famous Day

Today was Famous Day at school and the kids had to choose someone famous (living or dead) to replicate. Matt chose to dress up as one of his favorite rock stars: Bon Jovi. (His favorite is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, but Matt said he dresses too "girlie." LOL) The guitar tatt was drawn by me using Crayola washable markers. I was going to use black eyeliner, but I thought marker would smudge less. We'll see...

This little lady is currently obsessed with the Disney movie Tangled. If you haven't seen it, you MUST because it is really, really good! So, she decided she wanted to dress up as Rapunzel. Rapunzel IS famous, but she is fictional, so I hope that it still counts. (Not like someone would make her take it off...LOL). We created the corset effect, by punching holes in a piece of cardstock, stringing the ribbon through and pinning it to the front of her dress. She makes a good blonde, doesn't she?

Happy Famous Day!


  1. Haaaa ha, love it! You are such a clever lady too-love the tattoo and the corset!

  2. Very cute! And good job seeing the short plan time!

  3. love lily's costume and the tattoo is was cool. next time i suggest sharpie markers for the tattoo ... they don't bleed when they get a little wet like the cryola ones .. but take a little more scrubbing to get off

  4. You are so creative with these costumes! I love it!



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