Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disney Vacation Day Six - 2011

After breakfast this morn, the kids wanted to go swimming again! It was really crowded since today was a sea day and everyone was stuck on the ship. We stayed by the pool for a short time, then I took Zoey to see Mickey and Minnie in the atrium.

Don't you love the Mickey shaped pool?

Our suite on the ship was really spacious...

Enough room to get silly...

We just happen to pass by Tiana and Belle talking in the hallway about going to a ball. Those girls really stayed in character the ENTIRE time!!

This restaurant was called the Animator's Palate. We ate at a different restaurant each night...

This is where we saw Crush and Nemo and friends on the huge screens scattered throughout the restaurant... Matt loved the napkin folded to look like a candle...

More mini-golf...

Matt and Lily went to the clubs for awhile. There was so much for them to do in the clubs. They had a whole room that looked like Pixie Hollow with dress-up clothes. One room looked like a giant version of Andy’s room from Toy Story. There was a submarine filled with computers, an interactive dance floor, a cafeteria for cooking classes and science projects, an entire computer lab with Wiis and Game Boys and DSs. There were dance parties and lots of activities going on for the kids. They were never bored! Jack took Zoey to lay her down for a nap and I explored the ship, checked out the theaters and shops. I bought a 12x12 scrapbook with a picture of the ship and the title “Inaugural Cruise 2011” on it.

I picked up Lily and we went to check out the new movie African Cats. She liked the comfy seats and popcorn, but it was a little slow for Lily, so we left after about a half hour. Matt stayed at the club because he was having so much fun, and Zoey kept napping.

Awhile later Jack took the kids swimming again. Then we went to dinner and the show, “Believe.” The show was fantastic! It had lots of Disney magical characters and songs from Mary Poppins, Tinkerbell, the old, blind lady from Princess and the Frog, Weeping Willow from Pocahontas and Genie from Aladdin, plus more. It was really funny too. They incorporated a lot of jokes about current events like Lindsay Lohan’s shoplifting trial, Charlie Sheen and the Royal Wedding.

The kids went to sleep and I picked up our professional photos and paid out the stateroom bill.


  1. This looks like so much fun! thanks for sharing!

  2. I adore that "silly" pic of Matt and Zoey!! This trip was ideal for your three munchkins! I am kind of sad to say that this time has passed us by already - keep them little, Shel!

  3. I agree with Candi-this seemed like the perfect vacay for kids of your ages. The kid's clubs sound super fun! I hope you're going to share your professional pictures you guys took!!!!



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