Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Cruise Vacation 2011 - Days One and Two

Being the scrapbooker that I am, I decided that for this vacation, I would focus *less* on the photos that I take and *more* on the stories behind the trip. I found a really great journal on a clearance rack at Target for about 75 cents and it has a soft green, cloth cover and pockets scattered throughout the pages. It was perfect for jotting down my thoughts while in the car, or on the ship, or at hotels. The pockets were perfect for keeping all of the things I collected along the way: receipts, maps, menus, ticket stubs, etc...

So, bare with me, as I post the actual journaling I wrote on the 10 day trip. The details will probably be boring to most of you, but I think that in the future, my children may find them interesting. Without further are Days One and Two of our vacation.

April 22, 2011 Friday - Earth Day

We left the house at 7:30 am. It’s now 7:45 and we just crossed the border into Indiana.

Matt is working on his word search book. Lily is writing a story in her journal. Zoey is drawing on her Magna-doodle with her “woobie” on her lap.

It’s 44 degrees outside and it’s raining.

9:02 - We stopped at the rest stop. We ate some carrot sticks and popped in the movie Megamind.

10:30 - We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. Now we are back in the car on I-65. Zoey is playing on the DS. Lily is coloring. Matt is reading. I am reading a Janet Evanovich book on my Kindle and listening to my iPod.

1:01 - It’s raining pretty hard. We’re going through the mountains in Kentucky. It’s 64*, but at one point it read 71*. Lily wanted the music off (too much stimulation with the visual on the outside and the bumpy movement of the car). So we are all listening to the rain. Zoey is napping. Matt is listening to music on his mp3 player. Lily was coloring and singing the theme song from Tangled.

It’s now 6-ish. We arrived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel. The kids desperately want to go swimming in the hotel pool. Jack is going to watch Matt and Lil swim while I stay in the room with Zoey, watching cartoons. She’s too little for this pool. The shallowest part is four feet. It was a long day. I hope the kids sleep well.

4/23/2011 Saturday

We ate breakfast at the hotel and are on the road again @ 7:11 am. We are 600 miles from home and we just crossed the border into Georgia. We’re 103 miles from Atlanta. We’re headed for Aunt Pat and Uncle Vince’s home in Orlando.

9:18 It’s cool outside right now - about 62 degrees. Kids are watching “How to Train a Dragon.” Zoey is starting to get fussy. We’re snacking on carrots and I just finished my book. It was really good. I’m listening to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” on my iPod. Great song!

10:40 We stopped at McD’s and got everyone a drink. The kids ate some pancakes and Zoey wanted some french fries. They played in the Playplace for a little bit, but it was outdoors and it was drizzling.

Zoey just took her shoes off and it reminded me of her newest bedtime ritual. Each night when she is in her crib, talking to herself as she falls asleep, she takes the time to kiss each one of her toes goodnight. Ten, loud, smacking kisses with a whispered, “good night, little piggies.” It’s so precious!

1:13 Zoey is napping. Lily is singing songs from The Sound of Music. We just crossed into Florida. Uncle Vince just called to see how far away we are. Mary called to wish us well on the cruise. Matt is napping too. I’m reading the book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin, and listening to David Cook on the iPod. We’ll probably stop at Subway or something like that for lunch. It’s a whopping 91* right now! What a difference!

We arrived at Pat and Vince’s house around 6pm. Aunt Pat made yummy vegetable curry for dinner. The kids played outside and in. Matt & Lily were playing with a jump rope and accidentally broke Pat’s Disney Employee award. We all felt so terrible! It was awful because it was irreplaceable. Jack stayed up late chatting with Pat and Vince while I put the kids to sleep.

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  1. I think this was a great way to do document your trip. My favorite thing though is the story of Z and her toes, love it!



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