Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Three of Vacation

4/24/2011 Easter Sunday - Day Three

In the morning the kids found 3 Easter baskets with some books in them. Aunt Pat made eggs and bagels for breakfast. We left around 9am. Jack accidentally spilled a cup of soda all over himself in the car. We made it to Port Canaveral in about 40 minutes. We’re waiting for our boarding number to be called. (It’s 12 noon). Lily and Zoey are watching old Mickey videos in the cruise terminal. Matt’s working on a crossword puzzle.

We won’t be able to get into our rooms on the ship until about 1:30 or so.

1:30ish I’m on the upper deck (12) of the ship with my Bahama Mama froo-froo drink, watching Jack walk around the baby pool with Z. (She can’t swim because our luggage hasn’t arrived to our room yet and the swim diapers are packed away!) Matt and Lily have already gone in the hot tub, both pools, on the Aquaduck and the other water slides. It’s sunny, hot and humid, but there’s a nice breeze. High School Musical is on the Jumbo movie screen in front of the pool, plus Disney songs are on in the background. Talk about sensory overload. LOL There are tons of families here. The ship is packed. I think it’ll be fun though. There is supposed to be a Bon Voyage party around 4pm. Should be a good time for all! Zoey won’t get her nap today. I hope she makes it at least until dinner @ 5:45.

8:30pm What a day! We finally got all of our luggage around 3pm. We all changed and went swimming. Zoey loved the kiddie pool - shaped like a giant Mickey head. We explored the upper decks of the ship. The kids played a round of Goofy’s mini-golf. We watched the ship leave the port from the top deck. There was a little Bon Voyage show, but we arrived a little late (after the emergency drill).

I don’t know what Jack was thinking when he packed! Argh! Two days before we left I had everyone’s clothes - (except for J’s because he is particular and fussy about what he wears) - in piles on my dresser. But when it came time to putting the piles into suitcases, he didn’t keep each of our things together. Instead of packing for convienience, he tried to make things fit better. Matt’s underwear ended up in one bag, his socks were someplace else, clothes in a third bag. It was ridiculous! It was the LAST time I let him put our things into suitcases before a trip! (Maybe that was his master plan!?)

The kids were each given an electronic wristband to wear for checking in and out of the kids’ clubs. Lily wore hers for a short time and then had a minor meltdown and needed to take it off. The club employees acted as if this was something they had never heard of before. I explained that she has a sensory disorder and her skin is ultra-sensitive. After a little to-do, they were able to make her a necklace on a Disney lanyard for Lily to wear when she went to the club. It seemed like a reasonable substitute and Lily didn’t mind.

Dinner was stressful. Zoey hadn’t napped and was spent. She didn’t want to sit or eat or be in the dining room. The people who shared our table were very sweet. They were from Naples, Florida (although the wife was originally from New York and had a great NY accent). John, Mary and Annie (9). John has two grown sons from a previous marriage and Mary has 3 other grown daughters from previous marriage(s?) and 2 grandchildren, so they were quite understanding and patient with Zoey’s crying fit. I ended up leaving dinner early, took Zoey back to the cabin and got her ready for bed. The other three came back after dinner and we watched the sunset on the veranda.

The kids got a kick out of the towel animal that our room steward left for us on the bed.

While Zoey slept, Jack took Matt and Lily to see Tangled in 3D. It didn’t take long for Zoey to fall asleep. She was so tired.

Tomorrow is our excursion to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas. Oh, did I mention that I got sunburned from 20 minutes in the pool? Ouch!

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  1. I'm with Lily, those bracelets look intrusive and heavy! I'm glad they modified them for her!

  2. Poor Little Z! That is how K is if he misses a nap...I love that you took notes and focused more on stories than pictures, that is awesome:) I should try that on our next big vacation!



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