Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend with Family

My grandfather's memorial service was this weekend and it was a beautiful tribute to a really amazing man. I had never been to a memorial service or wake for someone who had been in the military. 2 service people came in uniform to the funeral home and played taps in the background while they unfolded and refolded the American flag. Then one of the servicemen presented the flag to my mom (his eldest child) and explained the significance of the flag. I don't remember everything that was said (I should probably do some research and find out, so I can type it up and save it). I remember something about 13 folds in the flag to represent the original 13 colonies. There are 3 corners to represent the 3 levels of government. It was interesting and such a moving tribute. The dinner afterwards was lovely as well: The night before, we got together with a bunch of out-of-town family members and headed over to Rock Bottom Brewery for some good food, good drinks and good company!

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  1. I'm so glad the memorial service went well. Great pictures of everyone. Did you take any of the memory boards you made? I would love to see them!



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