Thursday, April 21, 2011


Happy birthday to a Super Seven-year-old!!! Today is an exciting and special day! I hope you celebrate in style. (Actually, I know you will, because I've got some surprises in store!)

Lily celebrated her birthday with friends last weekend at the roller rink! It was a great time (except for the smell in the roller rink, which I thought smelled like thirty years of stinky, sweaty, smelly feet!) It isn't easy to take pictures of 20 kids on roller blades and skates, whizzing past me in the dark rink with strobe lights. I like how some of these action shots look blurry and give the feeling of quick movement...

If you look closely, you will see Lily and her aunt out there with a handful of Lily's friends...

I couldn't capture all of the kids who came out on the rink, so I focused on my own...

Lily was blessed to have a homemade birthday cake. My friend, Ter, used to bake custom cakes for sale, but has decided to only do it for close friends and family now. She made this amazing Rapunzel (from Tangled) cake for Lily!

The circles around the sides that have the number 7 in them are actually bracelets!

This cake not only looked adorable, but it was the most delicious birthday cake I have ever eaten!!! The kids and parents at the party thought it was amazing!!! Lily felt so special! More birthday pics of today's events to come...


  1. Our girls are growing so fast. Make sure to give Lily a big hug from Aly today. (she saw the pictures and said all the cool people have April birthdays!)

    You should look into a 50mm lens that is great in high action, low light situations like roller rinks and aquariums, wink, wink). I love it and glad Pam recommended it to me!

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Lily!!!

    I think I had a skating party when I turned 7 too!

    That cake looks amazing!! Can't wait to hear about her celebration today!



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