Monday, April 4, 2011

My Little Artists

I am so proud to announce that two of my children were featured in a local art show at Lincoln Way East High School. There were art pieces from teachers and students from all around the state showcased at the show. Only a handful of pieces were selected from my children's school and both of them had pieces of art chosen by their art teacher to be displayed. Some of the artworks were unbelievably good! I was so impressed. Unfortunately, Lily was unable to go to the event due to another conflicting event, but we took a picture of her displayed watercolor painting! Matt's was also a watercolor painting.
The proud artist stands beneath his featured artwork.
I was so very proud!!


  1. Yay! I see some Horace pippin influences and a bit of Monet, maybe! Budding artists moving into their own styles! Love it!

  2. That is so awesome, I love them! Especially love all the little details in Matt's picture!



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