Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding THE dress

Sunday was a momentus day in my sister's life. She found it. The one. It was perfect. It was soooo her. It was completely non-traditional (much like her). This was the first dress she tried on and we knew immediately that it wasn't THE one. Was this the perfect dress? It was so, very figure flattering, but nope. It's not this one either.
This one was cute, but all of that "rouching" and those "pick-me-ups" were definitely not for Jackie.
We liked this one-shoulder dress. It was quite minimizing, but it wasn't perfect.
Which one was the perfect dress? Well, I can't give it away, now, can I? You'll just have to wait a few months to see. What I will tell you is that it is completely non-traditional and very Jackie.

How did we celebrate finding THE One? She got to ring a bell and make a wish at the bridal store, to which everyone cheered. Then we went out for a margarita-sangria swirl!!! :)


  1. She looks beautiful in all of them!! I LOVE the 2nd one so much!! Her face is cute in the top picture, lol!

  2. In that one shoulder dress I totally look like the statue of liberty. Just give me a torch.

  3. I really like the one shoulder one! But I am anxious to see the ONE! I never realized how much Jackie favors your dad when she smiles!!



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