Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Bunny Cake

When I was a kid, each year on Easter, my mom would make a cute bunny cake. As we got older, she stopped making it. So this year, my sister, Jackie asked me to make a special bunny cake for her, just like the ones mom used to make. So, I started with two round white cakes. One cake served as the head. From the other cake I cut out the ears, leaving what looked like a bow tie. I arranged the pieces to look like a bunny, frosted everything white and decorated it. I tinted some coconut pink and added it to the ears. I used purple and blue sprinkles for the bow tie. The mouth, nose and eyes were made from Starburst jelly beans. The eye brows and whiskers were drawn with black tube frosting gel. It was delish!! My other sister wanted me to buy lamb butter, but I had to draw the line somewhere. LOL What are your favorite Easter traditions?


  1. So glad you included how you made this! I bet A would love decorating it, hmmm....

  2. Thanks for sharing how to make this! I think A would LOVE decorating it!! What did you tint the coconut with? Food coloring?



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