Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joy of Luck - 7 Favorite Material Things

Yes, we are living in a material world and I am a material girl. Today's prompt was to capture with my lens the seven material things that I LOVE. So, if you look above you will see:

  1. My Kindle. I am a book-loving girl. Give it to me in paperback, hardcover, magazine, electronic. I don't care. I read non-stop and love-love-love it! I also love the word games on my Kindle! It will be so fun to bring it with on our spring break trip!

  2. My camera. I am so fortunate to not have only one. I have a point and shoot and a digital slr, and I have time to use them! I love my cameras!

  3. My phone. Unfortunately....it is the greatest modern convenience of our time, isn't it? I don't care that mine is not smart, takes awful pics and has teeny tiny buttons for texting...it connects me with whomever I choose!

  4. My laptop...see number 3 above and add Facebook to that. How else could I stay in touch with all of my former colleagues, students, friends, family members from around the globe??

  5. Jewelry. I don't have fancy, expensive jewelry. Jack hates to buy it for me. But he has bought me some very special pieces that mean the world to me. These earrings have symbolic birthstones and I love them!

  6. My scrapbook supplies! They are my relaxation, my craft, my escape with art!

  7. My bed! I love my bed! It's comfy. It's cozy! It's my other escape!

What material things make you feel lucky?


  1. Those poloroids are a great display for this! Tell me tell me where u got em. I wanna use those tooooooo.

    I'll duplicate your seven items minus the kindle (because I don't got one) but relace it with my sewing machine. ( I've started a new obsession if only I had more time...!)

  2. I am guessing you made this collage in picasa?! Cute! Love your items...I think I would pick my coffee maker, camera, laptop, scrapbook supplies, phone, and I don't know on the other ones, lol! Is it dorky to say my swiffer wet jet?!



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