Friday, March 4, 2011

Joy of Love - What they SAY

This challenge was to capture something that my loved one SAYS. I chose Zoey for this one. When she is hungry she asks me, "Mommy, do you like CHALK-O-WET?" Since I do not eat chocolate my usual response is, "No, Mommy doesn't like chocolate." To which she screams, "Do you like CHALK-O-WET?!?!?!?!" Obviously she isn't asking me whether or not I like it, she wants to know if I can give it to her. But she's only 2 and just learning the ropes around here, so I, of course, oblige with a hershey's kiss. She will inevitably ask me the question about 10 more times each day. LOL It's what she SAYS and it's what I LOVE about her.

Stay tuned...tomorrow is the final installment of my Joy of Love challenge pics!


  1. lol. so logan calls it "chalk chalk" when he is refering to the chocolate soy milk he wants to drink. he'll bring me into the kitchen point up to there the nesquick is stored sign and say "eease" then say "chak chalk" then follow by "tank tank" ... and if i dont respond with the translation and follwoing actions he throws a fit .... it has to be nesquick too ... now i know what my potd will be. thank you love

  2. Awwww. Now I'm craving some...thanks Zuzu!

  3. Haaa ha, sweet! K always asks for cake, which is basically anything sweet tasting to him:)



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