Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

The Grand Ol' Blizzard of 2011 caused my children to have a few days off from school, which they absolutely loved!!! 3 days of no school? What is a mommy to do? Well, I made them work. That's what I did! We started with homemade Valentines...
Then we moved on to painting with water. I loved this Aquadoodle mat when Matthew was a baby. It used to have a little Thomas train that would run around on the mat wherever there was water. It was cute. Zoey loves to paint on it, let it dry and paint some more!

Then I made them bake. Of course, what kid would turn down baking cookies??

(Love that Lil focused on the metal bowl in the foreground. Mommy hadn't showered that day!)

They really wanted to play outside. It was below zero out, but they insisted. They spent 2 days working with their friends to create this tunnel (which they kept calling a fort).

You can see the two entrances to the tunnel here.


Then they decided to go sledding on the hills in front of our house...

While the kiddos played outside and Zoey napped inside, mommy got some work done...

Candi suggested that I outline the hearts with pen and it does look much better now that I have done that. Thanks for the help.
Two more days off before they head back to school. Today was spent trying to save a fish who has a large piece of gravel lodged in its mouth. I hope it survives. It's been traumatizing (especially for me!)


  1. I'm glad kids and mommy both got in their play time! Perfect! I like the way your heart pops with the added ink! Glad to be of assistance. I'm outta here to switch from train to bus...and hopefully scrap tonight!!

  2. Oh man, it looks like you guys had a FUN day! I love their snow tunnel, how fun!

    So awesome you were able to get through so many pages too! Love them!

  3. Looks like snow days were fun days!! Glad you all made the most of the time.

    Great scrapbook pages!



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