Monday, February 7, 2011

Joy of Love

A friend, and former colleague of mine, posted on Facebook that she was going to participate in a photography challenge over on Willette Photograpy blog. It's called the Joy of Love Challenge. The deal is that you get a photography assignment each day during the month of February (along with some helpful photog hints and tips) that all relate to the people you love! You know me....I cannot pass up a good challenge, so I'm all in! However, due to the stinkin' Blizzard of 2011, I had my hands full with three kiddos off of school for 5 days straight! So, I'm back-tracking to try to catch up. I may combine some days in this post, and I may even skip a day or two, but I'm doing the best I can, so bear with me!

Day ONE of the challenge was called WHAT THEY DO.

I decided to take this one literally and focus on what my love does for a living. Heeheehee....Jack will get a kick out of this one, because we have a running joke about what he does. See, I know his title, and I kind of half-listen when he talks about work. Don't all women do that? Help me out here, ladies.

The embarrassing thing is that a few times I have been at work functions with people who work or worked for the same company as Jack. When they have asked me what group he is in or who he works under or which building on campus he works in, I have always laughed and said, "I don't know," or I've given incorrect information. Look, his work is complicated. It's even more complicated now that his company has split and half has been bought out by a new company and things are changing. But, for the record, I am getting better. Jack has made me memorize a couple of things that he does. I've never actually been inside the work buildings to see him in action. The kids got to go on a tour, but spouses weren't allowed. So maybe that's why it doesn't stick with me. You retain more by doing or seeing, rather than just hearing. (My teacher buddies can back me up on that one!) So, this photography challenge was truly challenging for me! So, I decided to take a pic of his work ID. He doesn't leave home without it. Zoey associates the ID with whether or not Jack is here too. She loves to look at it hanging on the hook and say, "Daddy Wook (work)!"

DAY TWO of the challenge was called HOW THEY LOOK!

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and there wasn't much to do during the day. It was snowing a little bit, so we decided to pack up the gang and go sledding! Perfect sledding weather, and the opportunity for me to take pics of my family, whom I love...

Yes, that first one is me...self portrait. I don't love me, or this pic, but thought I should throw it in here.
Yep, this is the man I love.

And this is the boy I love.

Above and below are the girls I love!


  1. Great photos!!! Good luck in the challenge.

  2. Love the challenge photos!
    Oh and yes, I totally half-listen when Shaun is talking about work, lol!

    I LOVE all the pics that you took in the snow...reminds me of the series you took in the pool over the summer:)



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