Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joy of Love - Where

Today's challenge calls for a photo that documents WHERE I was when I knew I loved them. Unfortunately my digital pics only go back to about 2004 and my scanner is broken so I couldn't scan in an old pic of my hubby and I. I have the perfect picture in mind too. It's one of Jack and I dressing up to go see the Phantom of the Opera. I think we were about 19. I wore this adorable black dress, and was so skinny. Hehehe We looked so young and in-love.

But since I can't find the pic and the scanner is broken, I chose this one. This was when I was pregnant with Zoey. She came into the world about 3 months after this pic was taken, but I knew I loved her already. She was the easiest of my 3 pregnancies (but take that statement lightly, because none of them were easy). I was sick for the shortest amount of time. I didn't gain as much weight. Labor was quickest. I was on bed-rest towards the end because her head dropped behind my pelvic bone and was causing some pain, but it was nothing compared to the other two pregnancies. But I knew...I knew how much she was going to be perfect. And she is. This is WHERE she was when I fell in love with her.

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  1. okay, you have to post that picture of you and Jack when you find it!!!



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