Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joy of Love - Facebook

Today's assignment was to find an old photo of those I love (perhaps one that was uploaded to FB, which mine was not).

I love this picture, even if the vacation was not the greatest.

Marco Island, FL was a beautiful place to visit. It has these amazing white sand beaches.

The moment we arrived in Marco, however, I started feeling ill. It turns out I had strep throat and had to call my doc in IL to send prescription meds to me in Marco Island (which doesn't have a pharmacy, so Jack had to drive to Naples to get it for me). Once the meds kicked in, I was feeling much better (Day 3, I think). So for the first day or two of our vacation I was alone in the hotel room bed, shivering and feverish. Then we found out while we were down there that my grandmother had passed away. So, it was not the best of trips. It wasn't quite warm enough to be beach weather, but it wasn't cold. But this picture captures the beauty of the island and I love looking back at my kids and seeing how small and fragile and precious they were. And how odd it seems that only two of them were alive in this pic. This isn't all of them...but at the time it was and I love them!

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