Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joy of Love Days 6, 7 & 8

I think I am finally caught up with my challenge now. Feel free to join in and post your pics on your blog or facebook page! I'd love to see what you come up with.

Day SIX of the Joy of Love Challenge was to take a picture of WHO my loved ones LOVE.

This is my Matt-Matt, and he loves Cleo. Every morning Cleo cimbs the stairs up to the loft to lay on desk while Matt plays on the computer. Every night Cleo jumps onto Matt's bed and annoys him with purrs and nudges, wanting lots of love! I love that Matt is a compassionate kid and loves his pets so much!

Day Seven of the challenge was called GENERATIONS.

I was supposed to capture several generations of my loved ones on film. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to this one yet, so in lieu of a recent pic, here is one from Thanksgiving that I captured of my husband's aunt Grace, with him and Lily. I know it isn't a direct line of generations, but my husband's parents have both passed away, so this is the next best thing.

Day EIGHT of the challenge (that's today! Yay!) is called GIFT FROM THE HEART.

Seventeen years ago this month, Jack came into the classroom where I was student teaching and proposed to me in front of my cooperating teacher (and now one of my bffs), 25 adorable second graders, and the entire office staff who were listening on the speaker. It was the most romantic gesture...EVER!


  1. I'm so behind! I WILL catch up! I love it too much! Great story to share about your engagement. I think I heard you say this once!! Everything happened in those classrooms... 'member your pregnancy sickness?

    Hey wait! It's day nine! You gotta do passions/hobbies!!

  2. OMG! How cool!!!! I would've died of embarrassment, but what a cool story to have! Was this as Saucedo?

  3. Maaaan, now I really want to do this, but I don't think I will catch up! I have an idea for a photo challenge for next month though;)

    I love your engagement story!



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