Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am Human!

Yes, it is true! I am 100%, all human. And now I have the proof.

You see, I have some friends who like to joke around with me and call me the Martha Stewart of our group, or Little Suzy Homemaker. They think that it is supernatural to be able to work a consulting job, take care of three small children, keep up with the housework, chaperone & chauffeur to all of the kids' activities, help kids with homework, read everyday, participate in photography challenges, find time to make three meals everyday, write my blog, scrapbook and occasionally workout.

I've been telling people for years that, Yes, I do all of those things, but I really don't do any of them extremely well. My house is never perfectly clean. There is a lot of dust and I can't find time to wash my floors every week. The laundry piles up...often! There is inevitably ALWAYS a dirty dish in the sink. My kids are not perfect. Time out is used on a daily basis. I fall asleep on the couch before cleaning up after dinner. I sometimes skip workouts. I occasionally pick up fast food for dinner. I sometimes get frustrated with helping my children do their homework (and Yes, I am a teacher!) Sometimes my scrapbook pages look amateurish. Days go by with no blogs from me.

Which leads me to the reason I am telling you all of this. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. In my true form, I planned out my weekly meals on Sunday and on that list was crockpot Italian Sausage, garlic bread and rigatoni for dinner (which came out fabulous, I must say) and some chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. I saw the recipe on Baked Bree website and it looked simple and delicious.

I followed the directions exactly. I was excited to make this special, heartfelt dessert on V-Day! The kids helped too!

When I took them out of the oven to cool....this happened....

They caved in. They were mushy and ugly. I didn't give up, though. I went ahead and made the frosting and tried covering up the ugliness with frosting swirls on top.

And this is how crappy they looked! Failure! Of the worst kind! This was my nasty, ugly Valentine dessert for my family! It's a good thing they got boxes of chocolate too! Otherwise, I would have had to go out and buy a sweet for my sweets.

See, not all recipes turn out. I am not good at everything all of the time. I am human. And glad to be!


  1. I bet they still tasted great!
    And it's not a failure...you tried! Even if they didn't turn out 'perfect'.

  2. you post is making me laugh :) i just finally figured out how to make an almost perfect pound cake ... the frosting just needed a little help, it looked a little to hard, maybe if it could have oozed together more you could cover up the caving in :)

  3. C'est la vie!
    Es la vida de una mujer!

    We live it the best we can, making sure family comes first! There's no better way!

  4. LOL!! I am sure they didn't care how they looked and they didn't even look that bad:)

    I think you are an amazing woman lady!!



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