Thursday, January 20, 2011

Make your own wall-hanging

My friends who have been to my home know that I like to make my own art work. I have paintings by me in several rooms. So, it will come as no surprise that I decided my bedroom needed a little oomph.

Here is what I created (with a little help from Jack)...

I started with 3 canvases. Each canvas was 12x12 and stretched already. I covered each with a different sheet of coordinating 12x12 pattern scrapbook paper. I used a combo of Mod Podge and adhesive tape runner on the corners. Then I painted a border around the three pages. When the canvases were dry, Jack helped me to attached them together. He started by using a vice to hold them together.
Then he drilled two holes into the wood frame. (See either side of the vice). Wood screws went into the holes to hold two canvases together.

Then he repeated the vice and drill on the third canvases, so all three pieces were attached in a row.

Then I attached a piece of ribbon across the length of all three canvases. I used an adhesive tape runner to attached it.

Finally I glued two glittery flowers at the end of the ribbon. This is actually upside down. LOL The flowers are in the lower left corner of the pic.

Here is a close up of the flowers...

And the finished product...hanging on my bedroom wall....

Got questions? Feel free to contact me! :)


  1. Is your bed a sleigh bed? Because the top of it looks just like mine!

    (I like your wall hanging, btw. If only my husband was that handy... and if only we had any electric tools. lol)

  2. Sweet! A nice vinyl quote would be great here!! I'm still thinking about having one of those parties at my house. Maybe this spring....



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