Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots to report...

I know. I know. It's the end of January and I am just now posting my December Daily. Here it is...my entire month of December rolled into one mini-album. I decided to make a 6x6 album and created a page for each day. The cover of the album has a window and the first pic in the collage shows what it says in the window. I put the pages in order for you, but since I had an odd number of pages, it had to repeat a page, which is why Day 10 is at the end of the collage again. Sorry. Couldn't figure out how to do it otherwise. Click on the collage to see it larger. Enjoy.... I also finished making my blog into a hardcover book. I used the software Booksmart which I downloaded from Blurb. It was a pain in the rear end, but it turned out great. It's almost 300 pages long because I published from the time I began the blog (April, 2008) until Dec.31, 2010. If you are thinking about making your blog into a book I recommend doing one year at a time. It's tedious to reformat each page, but once you get the hang of it, it is not too bad. Here are some sample pages of how the book turned out...
I went to a crop on Sunday. It felt good to have un-interrupted crop time. Here are my pages:

Thanks for looking!!! Tomorrow I'll be back to share some birthday party pics!


  1. It's not the end of January yet!! I gots at least a week and a half don't I!?


    I love the DD - page 19 and 20 are my favs! Wink wink. Glad we are getting back into the swing of our crops. Maybe in the spring we can pull off something BIG. Wdyt?

    Looking forward to tamale night!!

  2. Oh my gosh you have some fantastic layouts here! I love your December Daily. Next year I will do one, I swear! And how cool to turn your blog into a book. What prompted you to want to do that?



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