Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birday

I love birthdays. I love decorating the house for my kids's special days. I love hosting a backyard barbecue every year for Jack's 3rd of July birthday. I love going out to dinner for my parents' and sisters' birthdays. But...I don't like my own birthday. I hate getting older. I hate looking in the mirror and discovering a new wrinkle. I know I shouldn't feel that way. Life is too short. I should embrace my age, or whatever it is that Oprah always says. I should feel proud that I'm good shape and have oily skin, so those wrinkles aren't nearly as bad as they COULD be, but I'm human, and I just don't like my birthday.

Despite my feelings, my family tried really hard to make my morning a special day. I got this awesome card from Lily... And these smiling faces greeted me at the kitchen table this morning...
And my kids worked really hard to make me a "special birthday breakfast." Lily laid out the napkin-placemat and placed two doughnuts on my plate. LOL (I didn't eat either one. Not a fan of doughnuts or the calories that come with them!) Matt made the French Toast sticks and prepared the cereal bowl and peeled the Cutie for me. Zoey sat next to me and sang, "Happy Birthday Toodles," (Toodles is Mickey Mouse's friend on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she recently watched the episode where it was Toodles' birthday).

But the best part of the morning so far was when Lily's teacher called me to say that Lily announced to the whole class, "Today is my mom's birthday and she is 21 today!" Thanks, Lily...that truly made me smile!!
I think today is going to be a good day! :)


  1. Happy birthday! That breakfast looks awesome (and super diet-ruining, but whatever!) and I love the story of what your daughter said. So cute!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! LOL, love what L told her class and your breakfast sounds yummy:)

  3. What a nice way to start the day!! You were quite the young mommy according to LILY!! Cutie! Don't fret. We are seasoned with age just like good food and good wine. It can only get better! Happy birthday kid!

  4. Happy Birthday my blog world friend!
    Don't think of it as a number...think of it as a rating in your life! The higher the number, the better! =]



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