Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun with Food

I've been having some fun with food lately. First off is a cool gift I got from my friend Heather for Christmas. She bought me these cute doughnut pans and mix from SurLaTable. They were so delish! And super fun to make too. We made some with cinnamon sugar on top and some plain.
My sister-in-law bought me these cute pancake molds for Christmas, along with some Barefoot Contessa pancake mix. The kids got such a kick out of the pancake shapes! So much fun!

What kind of fun are you having with your food these days?


  1. Oh my gosh I totally need that donut pan! So cute!

  2. So it's obvious to your loved ones that you are a foodie, huh?! ;)

    Those donuts look like the apple ones from the orchard - mmmm. I want one!!

  3. I love that donut pan & the pancake molds are too cute!!! Now I'm craving donuts & pancakes!

  4. Somewhere online I saw a donut pan and thought it was genius! So much better then trying to fry them right? Love the pancake molds too, A would love those!

    I try to make the kid's lunches fun by using cookie cutters (mini for small stuff and bigger ones for sandwiches) to cut food into shapes. Apparantly it tastes better? My newest find is a sandwich cutter that cuts the sandwiches into 4 puzzle pieces...makes it easy to give a piece to K. So fun!



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