Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza - The Stanke Way

As I was making my shopping list for the week as I always do on Saturdays, Jack said, “We should order in a deep dish pizza one night.” Well, I did one better. I made my own. My mom and I used to make deep dish pizzas whenever my dad would work nights because he doesn’t like deep dish. Good times!

For my friends that do not live in Chicago, if you have never tried a Chicago deep dish pizza, you don’t know what you are missing. Add it to your Bucket List now, peeps!

Matt really wanted to help, but he doesn’t like pepperoni, or deep dish pizza, so I bought some mini Boboli crusts for Matt and Lily. He made mini cheese pizzas by just spreading some sauce on the bottoms and added mozzarella and parmesan on top.

This deep dish pizza is so easy and fool-proof. As usual, I didn’t measure anything so I’m giving you approximates. I bought a Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust and pressed it into a round Pampered Chef pizza stone with sides. (I’m sure there is a more technical name for the pan, just can’t remember it). Then I sprinkled some corn meal on the bottom. I like that gritty, corn meal flavor and texture. Next I spread about a ½ cup of jarred pizza sauce on the bottom. Then I layered Hormel pepperoni slices around the bottom. Next I topped with about a ½ cup of cottage cheese. Why? Because I had some in my fridge and didn’t want to throw it out. I am so happy I did! It added a great texture and flavor, melted down and you would never have known it was there. (I do NOT like cottage cheese, but needed some for another recipe, so I had leftovers). It would probably work really well with ricotta too!

After the cottage cheese, I layered mozzarella, parmesan and then this awesome seasoning that My sister and her fiancee got me for Christmas: It’s called Chicago Pizza Pizzaz and it came in this awesome gift box with other Chicago themed spices from The Spice House. She also got me another box of Coffee and Beverage spices with this amazing vanilla sugar (that I used on the yogurt parfaits posted yesterday).

Back to the recipe...Then I repeated the layers of pepperoni, cheese and spices!

I baked it for 18 minutes at 425*! I think it was even better the next day because the first day it was a little runny. After it cooled the cheese congealed a little more!

It was delicious! I do think it was really, really salty! If you try this recipe and can think of a way to make it less salty, let me know!


  1. yummmmmmy, that looks delicious! I think the last time I had a true Chicago deep dish pizza was when I was in high school visiting family there. I think the place was called Ginos and it was downtown?

    I will have to try making pizza at home!

  2. I might have to try the cottage cheese trick on our homemade pizzas. I have a gluten-free mac and cheese recipe that calls for cottage cheese but I always have leftovers and I, too, dislike cottage cheese on its own. Thanks for the tip!



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