Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Hodgepodge--Mish Mosh of Holiday Stuff

I have totally lost track of my December Daily photos. I've been taking so many that I have way more than one per day for the month of December. I need to think long and hard about how I'm going to whittle these down to one per day....sigh...
So, I will just jump in and forget about dates. This was one day when I was baking cookies. As you can clearly see, I am not the neatest baker. They did taste good though, so I guess neatness doesn't matter. (And no, I wasn't adding Listerine to the cookies. It just didn't get put away after the shopping trip. LOL) Here is the final product. These were all of the cookies I baked, minus the 12 mini-cranberry streusel loaves. Don't they look pretty?

My good friend Candi managed to take this shot of all five of us together in front of the tree. Amazing! Thanks, Candi!

We decided to have a few friends over to celebrate the holidays. I had this fun idea to make a photo booth with streamers taped to my sunroom wall and each family would pose for silly pics. It didn't happen. So, instead I asked everyone who came to pose in front of the tree.

The Beautiful Guerrero Family. Cris just wouldn't make eye contact with me!

Super Special Kathy and Pam

The Perfectly Cute Prados

The Lovely Charlie, Nicolette and Dawn

Sweet Sisters Heather and Sarah

Adorable Heather and Jeremy

Some sibling love between Brandan and Aly. Heeheehee...I had to throw this one in for you, Candi.
Zoey decided to find her inner-Olivia Newton John for these pics with her red head band and Daddy's shoes...hehe

Meanwhile, Matt and Lily were trying to fly with plastic bags on their backs.

Santa's newest reindeer....

On Wednesday I volunteered at Matt's class holiday party...
Here the kids were working on the craft that I brought. Had I not brought it, the kids would have only had 2 games to play during a one hour party. The mother that was in charge was cuckoo and had obviously not planned a third grade party before. I put together an extra game and brought along this craft and it worked out perfectly!! Yay for Teacher-Moms!

Below they are playing the Pass-the-Candy-Cane game...

Snowball blowing race...

When the kids got home from school there were 3 suspicious emails in my inbox. They were from Santa!!! Lily insisted she take a pic of Santa's newest reindeer, Kino.

Last, but not least...the Polar Express is set up around the tree and ready for an adventure!

I'm exhausted. Time to help my procrastinating husband wrap his last minute presents!
Merry Christmas to all!!!

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  1. I just made a similar holiday mish-mosh post on my blog, lol! Love all the pictures-the goodies look soooooo yummy! Even if you couldn't do the photo booth, your tree is the perfect back drop!



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