Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Daily Catch-Up and Hannukah

Well, you know if I haven't been updating my blog in almost a week that I've been crazy busy (which is almost always!) I am participating in the December Daily challenge, but I'm not doing mine the typical way (which is to create an album before hand and slip the pics in as you go!) I have chosen to take a pic a day, but to create the album at the end of the month.

So, here was my picture from December 3rd: the stockings on the fireplace. I ordered these personalized stockings last year and I just love them!!! (You can also see the new pic of the three kids that I had taken at the portrait studio a couple weeks ago!) On December 4th the kids and I went to our very dear friends' house to celebrate Day 4 of Hannukah! It was so informative and fun! These next few pics are out of order, but they show some of the highlights of the day. I took a ton of pics and may even do a mini-album for just that day! This pic below is of Daniel lighting the mennorah. (I am sure that I'll be spelling many words wrong, so I apologize in advance)...
The kids were painting some dreidels made out of clay. Daniel had a book that explained the four symbols that the kids were painting.

Here are the dreidels before the kids painted them...

These are some dreidels that the kids used to play with...

These are the finished latkes that Tanya made. I have pics of all the steps of her making them for us. They were delicious!!!

On Day 5 of the December Daily, Lily and I baked about 5 kinds of cookies. This is an action shot of her spreading the Hershey bar onto my great grandmother's recipe for toffee cookies...

On Day 6, the kids went sledding (down the driveway at first and then Dad took them to the big hill at the park)...

It was brutally cold on this day. (I think it was in the teens!)

Here are the advent calendars that I got from the dollar spot at Target. Cute, no?

And today's pic is the nativity under our tree...

For the December Daily, each pic will have a story to go with it. Now I need to find time to write those stories!
Happy Holidays!


  1. Next year I'm going to have to do a December Daily, except I don't think my pictures will be very exciting. "Dec _, went to work. Dec _, went to work. Dec _, went to work." lol

    I need to get me to Target for one of those advent calendars! Those are so cute! And for only $1??

  2. Oh my gosh-I love those advent calendars, ow cute! I love all the pictures too, I think your album is going to be totally cute!



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