Monday, November 29, 2010


During this week after Thanksgiving, I must publicly announce all that I am thankful for. I begin with these two fabulous human beings that joined together as one family unit this weekend. Sarah and Josh were the most beautiful bride and groom I have ever seen. They are beautiful people inside and out.
I am thankful for the wonderful friends who were there to celebrate with us. Lifelong, loyal friends are hard to come by, and this group of people in the collage on the left are the most amazing group of teachers, teacher aides, spouses, significant others and friends! I miss seeing their shining faces everyday! I simply love these guys!
I am also thankful for these people husband, my parents, my sisters, my in-laws, my children. People who keep me smiling, laughing and living!
On this week after Thanksgiving I am grateful that we have our health, our integrity, our joy for life!!!
It IS a wonderful life, isn't it???
Happy Week After Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Great blog entry.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  2. It sure is. There is nothing better than having both family and friends who are there for you without a question. Thank God we are blessed and able to be reflective enough to recognize it!! Love you, man!

  3. Beautiful pictures Michelle....hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As for your question about my fav kits, MCS is an awesome kit club. It was my first club that I ever joined and have never been disappointed. I love SC too but for what I paid, I get twice the amount at MCS. Pam is very generous in her kits. I guess I am a little biased but I really don't think you could go wrong with MCS and the message board is filled with some really wonderful ladies. There are challenges and contests every month with a chance to win even more product. Just peek around over there and see what you think.

  4. Love this post! I love your, lady-you are looking good at the wedding!!

    Love all the Thanksgiving pictures too! The pilgrim bonnets are adorable!



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