Monday, November 8, 2010

Grilled Chicken & Spinach Garbage Salad & Humble Announcement

I am not ashamed to admit that I make a lot of meals by emptying my fridge. I like to toss things together so I don't have leftovers. This salad was part planned and part a mixture of things I was just trying to get ride of. I guess the only part that needs explanation is how I grilled the chicken. I start by pounding my boneless, skinless chicken breasts with a mallet until they are fairly thin. Then I season both sides with a touch of EVOO, coarse salt, pepper and a little ground thyme. Then I throw them onto the grill pan. (If it was summer, I'd be grilling outside, but we're in Chicago, so it's definitely not outdoor grilling weather anymore!)

Oops...these pictures are out of order, but there is my mallet. LOL
After the chicken was grilled on both sides (about 5-7 minutes per side), I let it sit for a good 5 minutes. If you normally don't do this, you really should. When you let your meat or poultry sit for a few minutes before cutting, the meat soaks up the juices. It will makes your chicken or meat much more tender and juicy.
After sitting, I cut the chicken breasts on an angle and threw them into a bowl with the following items that I had on hand (which is why I call it a garbage salad)! Feel free to toss with whatever ingredients you have on hand:
*Fresh Baby Spinach
*Black olives
*Fat Free Feta Cheese
In other news, I am humbled and honored to be chosen as the artist of the month on Laurie's Blog (Cook, Scrap, Craft):
Check out her blog (Not to see me, but to see all of the cool stuff she has on there!)


  1. I need to get me a meat mallet! Yours looks hardcore! I have so much trouble getting chicken breasts to cook all the way through when grilling on our George Foreman or on a stovetop skillet (we don't have an outdoor grill - against our townhouse rules) but buying the chicken tenders is more expensive! Plus, who doesn't love pounding on meat? lol

  2. That sounds yummy...I really really need to get a grill pan! I loved your interview cool!!



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