Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Things That Make Me Smile On Your 2nd Birthday

In honor of Zoey's 2nd birthday, which was yesterday, I am going to list a few special things that she does that make me smile. 1. You love Mickey Mouse and you pronounce each syllable slowly and clearly: MICK-EE & MIN-NEE!
2. When I ask you to spell your name, you get all four letters right, but they are in the wrong order, "O-E-Y-Z."

3. You love to look up at the clock on the kitchen wall and tell us the numbers (out-of-order, but still correct!)

4. You love to sing the song "2 Little Blackbirds," and you name the blackbirds Matt & Lil!
5. You have nicknames for everyone in the family, "Mama, Dada, Matt-Matt and Goggles." You call yourself "Baby."
6. You like to quiz me on my colors. You hold items up and ask me, "What color?" If I say, "Red (for example)", you say, "Yes. Red!" LOL
7. Your favorite animal sounds are monkey, kitty, bunny and elephant.
8. When I need you to stand up, you say, "Stam Up!"
9. You love going to the library with mommy to play puzzles and read books.
10. You love to put Mr. Potato Head's body parts in the wrong spots! Heeheehee
Here are some Halloween/Fall layouts I created using collages from Picasa.


  1. oh my gosh - so cute! I hope you're going to scrap a page using what you wrote on this blog!

  2. Great pictures! And beautiful scrap pages.
    I agree with should scrap this blog entry!

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    Thank you!

  4. Awwww, I love the list, so cute!!! She is so freakin' cute and I love the shirt:)

    Happy birthday Miss Z!!!

  5. she's so cute :) love the shirt too



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